With useful information such as: area of ​​activity, address, website, e-mail and opening hours. Remember that the information needs to be complete, you must not create obstacles for the customer to be able to get in touch with you. Analysis Statistics / Metrics Nothing better than being able to measure the results of our actions, agree? One of the main advantages of Business is that we have statistics on messages sent, messages delivered and messages read, statistics similar to those we get in an email marketing campaign. Want to see an example? Separate WhatsApp from WhatsApp Business To make good use of this functionality, we suggest separating the personal phone from the work phone. By the way, this is one of the benefits of WhatsApp Business, as it can be installed along with traditional WhatsApp, on the same device, but linked to different phone numbers.

WhatsApp Business is only available

For the Android operating system, and to install both versions on the same device you will need a dual-chip device. Send Quick Messages and Automatic Replies You can create standardized messages to speed up customer service. Of course, this should not happen without any criteria Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List and under any circumstances, as one of the principles of Inbound Sales is to provide personalized customer service. But it is possible to create some message patterns for generic situations, such as welcome, or even in situations of unavailability of service at specific times, such as outside business hours, for example. Define labels according to the Sales Funnel For us sellers , the big news is the tags, where we can tag people and messages.

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Our suggestion is to create labels

With the names of the stages of your sales process . And mark the conversations and contacts to follow the evolution of each one of the leads and customers. Use WhatsApp Business to increase sales Download the application  now and start . Organizing and tracking your WhatsApp conversations CZ Lists to increase your sales . For us at DNA de . Technology is one of the pillars of sales productivity . There are numerous tools that can help you sell more and better. Follow our sales blog and keep up to date. 3 Important Tips for the Sales Team 1. Establish who will be responsible for WhatsApp It’s no use creating a channel if it  manage well. It takes responsibility. As it will be one of the most effective means of communication to relate to leads and customers. Therefore, define in advance who will be the. People who will be authorized to use it and what will be the best way to distribute tasks.

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