Find link building partners according to your values

Link building is much more than an opportunity to earn backlinks. For brand awareness, it is an opportunity to show a new audience how useful and relevant your brand can be. So, use this strategy to increase brand awareness, with valuable content for the audience. But select your guest posting and co-marketing partners well, okay? Look for reliable, popular, quality and authoritative sites that convey relevance to your pages. Also pay attention to potential partners’ personality, values, and brand purpose .

Optimize for search without clicking

When the focus of the SEO strategy is brand Job Function Email List awareness, clicks and traffic are not the central element. The important thing is to strengthen your brand, right? Therefore, keep in mind that Google’s results page brings more and more out-of-the-box answers, which often eliminate clicks and traffic to websites. Google wants to reduce user steps, so it has been investing in elements such as the knowledge graph and featured snippets .Google’s strategy seems to be working: according to about 40% of searches do not generate clicks.

The brand awareness obtained with SEO

Measuring brand awareness is a challenge. Data-obsessed CZ Lists professionals may feel uncomfortable with the difficulty of determining brand awareness, which is much more subjective than measurable. But there are some indicators that can help you understand if the brand and its attributes are gaining people’s attention . Another challenge in realizing increased brand awareness is identifying how much SEO contributed to this. After all, brands likely have other marketing strategies running, which also contribute to branding.

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