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Because it looks nice. screenshot of a performance report in GA4 Looking closer at the content I spot a few correlations confirming some patterns weve seen across all of our articles and videos. More people watch the video when we add [VIDEO] to the header More people watch the video when we put the video above the fold Videos for the technical howto topics are more popular Clearly I ne to focus on videos for technical topics keep them high on the page and always add [VIDEO] to the headers and email subject lines for these

Next steps for

Deeper analysis I could go on and do more analysis find more patterns and make everbetter decisions. Here are a few examples of YouTube video tracking using GA4 that come to mind How b2b email list does video engagement differ for mobile and desktop visitors Add Device category as a column Are your videos getting watch more on your website or on YouTube Compare video_start metrics in GA4 to views YouTube Analytics Which videos are getting watch all the way through Here you can report on the performance of specific videos

Using Video title

 As the dimension. Youll ne to first add video_percent as a custom dimension then create a new exploration using video_title as rows and video_percent as columns For that last one youll ne to create a custom dimension and wait a while while it gathers data. Its not really a  CZ Lists custom event since the parameter is built into GA4. You can do that from the Admin > Custom Definitions section. Click Create custom dimensions and use the following settings. Imagine how useful this deeper analysis could be. Imagine all of these

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