Technological evolution is a process that will never end. And at the same time, cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticat every day . Alarming events, disasters, global . Pandemics, such as the covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020.  And whose effects are still continuing today, also lend a hand. Yes, because web criminals are eager to seize these opportunities to . Intensify their fraudulent activities by exploiting the combination in their favor: 

Identify and fill technology gaps

However, although the scenario is not the most reassuring, it does not mean that you and your customers new database should be govern by the constant fear of encountering malware, ransomware and so on. By following some good it hygiene rules you will be able to minimize the risk of it incidents and guarantee the security of your it systems and those of your customers, even in hybrid work environments like those that are spreading in recent months. And given that many companies are planning a gradual, albeit often partial, return to the office , what better opportunity than this to stop for a moment and take stock of what preparations you should start putting on your to do list to ensure a return with a bang but

Zero-Trust Approach

A positive lesson that we can draw from a period of crisis that has l to the evolution of the digital era and.  a CZ Lists considerable increase in smart, or remote, work is that companies . have become aware of the fact that investing in IT , including IT security is essential to survive . Zero-Trust Approach What’s the saying? Trusting is good, not trusting is better . Also and, inde, above all in information technology there is no.  better concept that explains the concept of Zero-Trust . According to this IT approach, in fact, nothing can be consider reliable . 

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