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Looking for strategies that have work in the past. In addition to analyzing, mainly, everything that the competition creat and which gave excellent results . By bringing together all this information, you will have a “north”, a clearer path to follow. This way, you will not only optimize time and costs, but the chances of winning over and retaining your Evaluates the  audience will be much greater! I also find it interesting to think about benchmarking from the perspective of innovation . Innovating means evolving something and making it generate financial returns for the company.

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And i see that there are three main types of innovation : internal, market and disruptive, which creates a new market. Benchmarking and Evaluates the bringing into the company what already works in the market is still an internal innovation . In fact, this is not special data what will provide differentiation and put you ahead of other companies, but it can help you stay on top of what your audience is already demanding! Let’s see the advantages of this technique in detail? Tip: How to understand your customer’s nes + Free Spreadsheet: Ideal Customer Profile What are the advantages of this technique? 1.

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Analyzes the current approach and identifies areas for improvement In addition to observing the performance of competitors in the market, benchmarking allows companies to evaluate their current approaches, making comparisons with CZ Lists the main players in the market . This way, it is possible to identify flaws, actions and even sectors that must be adjust. Benchmarking also allows us to gather information to, from it, build levers of differentiation , such as a differentiat positioning, a new brand concept, product concept, etc. — which will guarantee competitive advantage ! 2.

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