Improving your site’s design and layout.

Did you know that most visitors don’t even stay on your site for 15 seconds? Or that 97% of first-time visitors leave without buying anything? Of course. Increasing traffic to your site. Improving your site’s design and layout. And making the checkout process as simple as possible can help mitigate these challenges. But there is also another way to regain the visitor’s attention: retargeting or remarketing. This means you remind past visitors. Through an advert. Of your product range. Your site. Or even a specific product they saw. Google allows you to remarket using google ads – provid   you’ve set things up correctly on your site to track visitors.

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In the words of google: “remarketing is a way to Country Email List connect with people who have previously interact   with your website or mobile application. It allows  you to strategically place your ads in front of this audience as they browse google or its partner websites. Helping you increase awareness of your brand or remind this audience to make a purchase.” marketer’s guide to google remarketing if you’ve ever seen an ad (on google or elsewhere) for something you previously brows   on a website. Then you know how remarketing or retargeting works: suddenly. That hotel that you’ve been considering or that lego set you’ve been contemplating for your child’s christmas gift is popping up everywhere.

In your adwords account.

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How to get start   with google remarketing to use google remarketing. You ne   a google adwords account – which you can learn all CZ Lists about (and sign up for) here. In your adwords account. You ne   to set up a special “remarketing” tag that you add to your website. Which allows you to target a specific list of people (the default that adwords starts you with is “all visitors”). You can set different tags and add them to different pages. Google has a full explanation of the process here. Crucial caveats about google remarketing it is important to note that some websites cannot use remarketing.

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