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Fortunately. Our consent management tool provides an easy way to obtain consent (or opt-out) for cookie collection. It’s seamless and easy to install. And it’s completely free! Whether you’re focus   on social m  ia optimization. Driving more traffic to your website. Or anything and everything in between. The only constant in a marketer’s life is change. Audiences shift and social m  ia fatigue develops consumer demands and interests shift. And social m  ia platforms become the next big thing that seems to have become overnight (but could fade into the background just as quickly ). The constant waves of change make keeping up with the latest marketing trends a must for marketers.

With the goal of learning more about the biggest

So. With the goal of learning more about the biggest marketing trends in 2019 and emerging trends on the horizon. We reach   out to a group of marketing leaders and ask   them to answer this question: “what are the trends most important marketers to Africa Email List know in 2019 and beyond? Meet our panel of marketers: alistair dodds gregory golinski sean dudayev antonio zagoritis sy   ali hasan connie chi robert glazer jason lavis bill fukui natasa djukanovic tom hampson sole dahan ian dowd ksenia shirokova phil nottingham ron stefanski polly kay yana nirshberg abbi whitaker kristin dyak matthew ross yvonne haendel mark armstrong ashley graham avinash chandra serena holmes emily trenouth pillar shawn read on to find out what our pros have to say about the most important marketing trends you should be aware of knowl  ge in 2019 and beyond.

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Alistair dodds alistair dodds  eic_gruppo alistair dodds is the marketing director and co-founder of semperpiù circoli sa. “the biggest marketing trend that i think people should be aware of is the scalability and return on investment that CZ Lists comes from micro-influencer work. We are increasingly working with large networks of micro-influencers and putting a lot of effort into campaigns. The cost r  uction compar   to working with well-known and expensive influencers. Not only that. But the micro-influencer tends to be relatable to their audience and there is more of an authenticity game at hand. We see this trend only continue to develop until to 2019 and beyond.