Every day millions of people access the  Practical uses of an  Internet, the public network system that connects people, allowing them to exchange data with each other. But there is information that only a certain group of people have access to through private networks called intranets. Today you will learn the practical uses of an intranet . How does an intranet work? Widely used by companies and organizations worldwide, the intranet is the way in which the members of a company communicate with each other. This with the purpose of exchanging data and information that allows the optimal performance of the functions of each of the areas. To better understand what an intranet is let’s take.The sales. . And tremendously studied to sell.  Although it has a didactic educational. Or whatever you want to call it.

The practical uses of an intranet Practical uses of an

WhatsApp as an example. Basically, it is an intranet that allows data exchange between users of that application. No one who does not have the app will be able to access.WhatsApp information And whoever does have.It will only see the company data information that is shared. With them In this regard members of a WhatsApp group. Will be able to access the information provided. There as long as they are part of the group; Once you leave it. You will not be able to view the shared.

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content, since it is limited to those that are part of it. Taking this to a professional level, those in charge of the various areas of a company CZ  Lists can communicate with members of other areas. This allows them to work together to carry out the differentactivities of the company; as well as access confidential information about its processes. Now, what are the benefits of using an intranet? What practical uses does it provide for the company? This is what we will delve into below.The sales  What is sales Webinar. is designed and tremendously studied to sell , although it has a didactic, educational or whatever you want to call it.

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