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Only years old, is following in the footsteps of her sister Brigite Peposhi. Albina has beenYou will lose productivity if you wake up so early.Plan your days to work on the most important tasks when you have the most energy and focus. If your peak is at sunset, then you should take the time to focus on your most important tasks. It’s a much better strategy than fighting against your body’s internal clock.Read: How to prove your management potential . You are inflexibleNo matter how well plann you are, you will still encounter interruptions. That’s why it’s important to have some flexibility in your calendar  You are perfect.

Daily cleaning of your work

We all strive to provide quality work, but constantly aiming for perfection leads us to the unre Often the pressure we put on ourselves to “be perfect” causes us to put pressure on other people about their issues.Take Steve Jobs as an example. While his perfectionism drove him to create some of the most iconic products in recent history – it also lengthen whatsapp mobile number list the time it took to develop products and create problems with employees. As an entrepreneur, you already know that you cannot afford to prolong the development of your products or services.

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Extend the time of realization more than  necessaryWe tend to miscalculate the length of time a given task will take to complete. We estimate that something will only take an hour, while it takes us nearly two hours. but in no way does it correspond to our full schule. Whatever had to be done today must be postpon until tomorrow.It’s not always easy to CZ Lists determine how long it will take you to complete a task – but it usually takes longer than you think. The best idea is to keep a time log for at least a week to see how you spend your time.