5 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Content Inspiration

Personal finance blogs are one of the top three trending niches for online marketing. Before you start running your own blog, you should know what else is out there to get inspired. Here are five blogs to help you start your journey.
In general, the top three digital marketing niches are health, wealth, and relationships. While these niches are pretty broad, it’s easy to narrow them down into subgroups.

What are the Five Main Areas of Personal Finance

Although you can just start a blog aimed at personal finance, there are five unique categories within this classification. You may choose to start with one category and then incorporate more, or you can start your blog with all five. Since the goal is to draw as much traffic as possible, it makes sense to expand as you grow your audience.

Here’s a quick rundown of each area and the types of content to create for each one.

Making money is a universal struggle, and everyone wants to make more of it. While it’s always possible to make more Ws Number List money, some challenges and obstacles can get in the way.

So, when developing content around this niche, you typically want to focus on tried-and-true methods of making money and how individuals can overcome those obstacles. It’s also imperative to be realistic with the results and the process. If you make the venture sound too much like a “get-rich-quick” scheme, it’ll likely get some backlash.

Everyone has to spend money on things like food, utilities, gas, and more. However, there are tips and tricks on how to spend your money more wisely. So, content in this niche usually focuses on how to reduce spending and stick to a budget. It’s best to offer multiple options since one tactic may not work for everyone. Also, if you can share your own budgeting tools or tricks, that helps build authenticity and a rapport with your audience.

5 Personal Finance Blogs to Get You Inspired

Knowing your niche is a fantastic start, but creating unique content can still be overwhelming for many. Fortunately, there are many routes you can take, and your content can be as diverse as your topic list. You can make blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, and more. To help get a sense of what personal finance blogs are like, here are our top five options. While you CZ Lists shouldn’t copy ideas from these sites directly, they can inspire you to figure out how to make your blog your own.