What is Film Marketing 3 Examples to Get You Inspired

The Role Of Film Marketing In The Success Of A Movie

A good film marketing campaign can mean the Ws Data difference between success and failure for a film. Naturally, the film’s story is important. However, how the movie is presented to the public usually determines if people will pay to watch it.

Studios fund a film. The large ones typically don’t handle details pertaining to the marketing campaign but can make decisions that affect marketing efficacy. Small studios, on the other hand, are likely to be heavily involved in marketing.

Producers play a leading role in arranging a marketing campaign. They see the finished film months before it hits theaters. They often choose which parts of a film will appear in trailers, posters, and promotional campaigns.

However, producers are only one part of the marketing team. Most producers sell their films to agents and distributors. The agents and distributors are then responsible for putting together a publicity package.

How do all these players create a winning film marketing strategy? Read on to explore some of their winning tactics.

And The Art House Approach

A24 has perfected the art house approach to film marketing: make lots of noise. Independent films’ small producer and distributor doesn’t rely on star power or expensive billboards. Rather, it uses out-of-the-box social media advertising strategies to get attention.
Many of its tactics were designed to shock viewers. For the film Spring Breakers, A24 created a parody image of Da CZ Lists Vinci’s Last Supper. For Ex Machina, it created dating profiles featuring the lifelike AI robot from the film.

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