But diverse perspectives are exactly what makes team collaboration so resourceful and efficient. We want all the hands and all the different points of view we can get to deliver the best version possible of a project. Outsourced workers can provide all that and more.
No one ever says teamwork is simple. Even when your colleagues are easy-going and friendly, at some point, you’re bound to encounter disparities in thought or execution methods for a given task.

Understanding the Project Goals and Expectations

Effective project management, irrespective of the methodology — be it Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Whatsapp Database you name it — requires laying a solid foundation by understanding your goals and expectations clearly.

When it comes to outsourcing a content project, this principle is still applicable. Defining the project’s main purpose and specific objectives serves as the base for effective communication with your freelance writer. It aligns the expectations of both parties, ensuring that the deliverables will be up to them (or close enough).

The nitty-gritty details like desired traffic volumes or projected ROI from a single piece of content may not be necessary for your freelance writer.

However, as the brand representative or content manager, having this insight is essential. It allows you to establish realistic expectations and, crucially, prevents potential frustration down the road.

At this stage, you should have a well-defined project scope, realistic deadlines, and a budget set in place.

These fundamental elements will serve as your North Star as you move forward to create writer briefs and carefully select the ideal freelance writers tailored to your specific project needs.

Crafting a Clear Content Brief

Creating a comprehensive content brief is an art that can significantly impact the outcome of your freelance writing project. A well-crafted brief not only ensures that your expectations are met but also helps writers deliver content that aligns with your vision.

We’ve detailed every CZ Lists step of the briefing process in our “How to Write a Creative Brief?” article, but in sum, it must contain.

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