In the hand is worth two in the bush, right? Bringing it to B2B marketing and sales , this is more or less what Philip Kotler meant when he said that acquiring a new customer costs between 5 and 7 times more than retaining them. After all, customer loyalty is a way to maintain a fixed source of revenue. They are more likely to consume other services or products that you offer, in addition to recommending your business to other companies, strengthening referral marketing. However, you should know that retaining customers is not such a simple task, so much so that there are companies with areas set up specifically for this purpose. In this article, we’ll show you how to build customer loyalty and which tools to use to boost the results of your retention strategy.

Why is it important to retain customers

To keep up, any business needs to sell more, of course. But it’s essential to pay attention to those who are already at home, the existing customers. In addition to being, in a way, the company’s assets, they are the safest Elementary and Secondary School Email List source of revenue for your business. Ever heard of the Pareto method ? According to this parameter, 80% of the effects are caused by of the causes. So, find out why it’s important to know how to build customer loyalty . Sale of other services When you sell to people who have already had contact with your brand, bought and had a good experience, you are effectively building customer loyalty . Therefore, it is easier to convince them to be interested in other products, services or solutions from your company.

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Actions aimed at customer retention

In general, are less costly than acquisition actions. predictability of results Customers who have already purchased your products or hired your services and had a good experience will certainly do business with your company again. That way the sales process is easier. Because you already CZ Lists have all the relevant information about them. You know their needs pains demands and can even predict some behaviors based on this data. Referrals from other customers Surely you must have already asked for company referrals to other professionals, right? The so-called referral marketing is a highly profitable strategy for the business: these leads usually arrive already hot for purchase. Shortening the sales cycle . In addition to being more aligned with your purpose and your product.

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