Pro-tip: anywhere between 3-7 emails. With a day or two in between. Is a great place to start when setting up your welcome email workflow.Of the best welcome email examples Now that you have the why and the how. Let’s take a look at these amazing welcome email examples. british tennisWelcome email from british tennisImage source: really good emailsThis email from british tennis stands out for its cleverness. If you’ve ever watch a tennis match on tv before. You’ll recognize that the image at the top of this welcome email is meant to replicate the replay process when a shot is being review in tennis.

This is effective in that it’s instantly

This is effective in that it’s instantly recognizable by tennis fans. And it further boosts their perception as an insider — someone who gets tennis.They also have a clear cta button at the bottom. So you know exactly what to click next.Welcome africa email list email from loom.Image source: really good emailsIf you’re not familiar with loom. It’s a software tool that lets you easily record quick videos of your computer screen and/or yourself. It’s particularly useful in a remote/hybrid work setting. When you ne to communicate with coworkers via video. But might not have time to jump in a meeting together.Their first email does a handful of things really well. But the thing that stands out is their use of the product in the email. By including a video record with loom in the email. They’re showing you the product in action. Making it easy to imagine how you’d use it for yourself.

They also give quick

Actionable steps for getting start. Which we’d highly advise for any welcome email gear toward product adoption.mollusk surf shopWelcome email from mollusk surf shopImage source: really good emailsMollusk is a surf-inspir clothing brand bas out of san francisco. Ca. Sustainability and comfort-mind. Their brand is center around creating high-quality. Laid-back clothing that’s CZ Lists in it for the long haul. They also have a big focus on working with local vendors. Which brings us to what they do well here.Mollusk does a great job of telling their brand story in this email. They quickly get to the point of letting you know they’re not a fast-fashion company. They work with their “friends and neighbors” and create with “comfort and durability in mind.”

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