If you’ve never had contact with Google ADS or the ad platform within the company, you probably have to wonder and mistakenly think “I bet investing in ads on Google is too expensive”. However, know that you are wrong! One of the main advantages that advertising on Google brings you is precisely the fact that you control the amount you will invest in ADS for your business! Google does not stipulate a maximum or minimum investment amount, that is, you can start investing and only if you like the results and want to expand them can you increase the amount invested! And don’t worry! If you invest R$10 in ads, those same will appear on your bill at the end of the month! No extra fees or interest that went unnoticed in the fine print.

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Investing in Google ADS will bring to my company?” In fact, once you invest money in an ad platform for your business you will be expecting good returns, and benefits are what Google ADS will most result in for your brand! The Clinics Email List advantages of investing in Google Ads are many, so many that this article would be too big if we tried to put all the tools that Google ADS provides for your business. Precisely for this reason, we will make your life easier and separate the 7 main advantages capable of generating the best results for the different types of services and products of your company. 7 Advantages of Investing in Google Ads 1. Scheduled Ads One of the main tools of Google ADS is the ability to choose the exact time and day your ads will be displayed.

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Internet you think that it’s best to keep your ADS running hours a day and 7 days a week, however, this will depend on your company’s niche, the products/services offered and also your persona. Relevant and assertive communication CZ Lists Remember that ads are activated through keywords searched by users on the Google home page. Let’s say, for example, that a person does a search for “labor lawyer in Curitiba”. assertive communication It is clear that the user on the other side of the screen is looking for a specific service. In this case notice how the first four Google results are the result of advertisements , the chances of the user closing a deal with one of these companies is very high. Making the communication of these companies relevant and assertive.

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