Maybe this word is not familiar, but surely you must have already practiced . When you are choosing a name for your dog, cat, parrot or even plants and cars, you are practicing naming, that is, naming something or someone. But in the world of communication and marketing , the naming process for brands goes beyond a simple name, as a strategically in-depth and complex study is required. Based on these efforts, brand name creation is becoming increasingly valued and relevant around the world. What is the first step to naming? Going back to the starting point, when you are in the process of choosing a name for your dog or the like, the first thing you do is think of several names, and to define it you choose the one that makes the most sense.

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And marketing agencies, we call this first step brainstorming, which in translation into Portuguese is the “rain of ideas”, but for the development of naming the choice of name is not enough. Therefore, we will help you create a name for brands. Here are three essential tips for Biotechnology Email List the naming process! Creativity is the key to naming development, but it is necessary to understand the methods used during the process, so that there is coherence and relevance in the final result of your brand. 1 – Sound is crucial Do you know someone who has mispronounced the name of someone, a brand or product? It’s boring and often embarrassing. Therefore, it is necessary to study the sonority, so that the name, when defined, is harmonious, that is, pleasant to hear and easy to pronounce, read, write and recognize.

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And even those that begin with the first letters of the alphabet can be at the top of the search , as it is in alphabetical order on the internet. And finally, keep this sentence in mind: the purpose of sound is to make the brand unmistakable. 2 – A good meaning, changes everything! During CZ Lists creation, the meaning of the name is the coolest part, right? But we cannot forget that there is a process behind it, because it is not just imagination that we live. Therefore, the meaning of the name needs to be communicated above all else , so the ideal is to avoid names that only make sense to you, as it is necessary to convey feelings and perceptions that are consistent with the positioning of the brand, therefore.

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